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street furniture and  design at the service of communities

Specialists in stainless steel designs and manufacturing, we are  design equipment professionals for your professional and tourist environment. With its own design office, our company is able to create personalized projects for your site, its history,  its heritage.

    - Dock ladders

    - Street furniture
    - Gates for pontoons

    -  Bollards  

    - Retention tanks and shelters 
    - All stainless steel, aluminum, corten steel (naval steel) metalwork

portail de ponton en inox Port-Fréjus
Comptoir d'accueil au public en inox
Mobilier urbain
Fabricant d'escaliers, passerelles
Colonne inox pour piles usagées, Pilinox®
Poteaux, rambardes inox
Colonne inox pour piles usagées, Pilinox®
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