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Our expertise 

Our human-sized company is  specialized  in process engineering  agri-food.

It is as a designoffice and assembler  that JM INOX accompanies you in all the stages of your projects until the implementation on your production site:

- Pasteurization / thermolysis

- Fluid filtration

- Coaxial exchanger with corrugated tubes

- Boilermaking: prototype and series

- Piping 

- Winery


Totally independent, our 28 years of technical experience

guarantee the choices  of the most efficient equipment

market.  You are  assured of assistance and advice:

- Tangential and lenticular filtration 

- CIP 

- Automation - regulation

- Winery 

- Supply of equipment: pumps, valves,...


This operating strategy guarantees you  technicality and safety  as well as significant financial savings . Wine merchants, as well as wine estates quickly understood the clear advantage of this partnership. By extension, we work for the agri-food sector, but also cosmetics, chemicals, and more.

Located in Occitania in Montpellier, we operate throughout the national territory.







Automatisme filtration pasteurisation Occitanie Montpellier
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