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Our high-quality concepts  are developed with  objective, absolute safety for the environment and users.

All our containers are the result of an in-depth study with recognized organizations,  guaranteeing  your safety  beyond the  standard  NFH96118 and the decree of March 27, 2012.

These are the most aesthetic and resistant constructions on the market, and which  meet the selective criteria of the policy  of the environmental circular economy. Our manufactures installed for more than twenty years are the testimony of long-lasting investments.

- standard  M0: incombustible and non-flammable

- maximum acid resistance

- maximum resistance to atmospheric variations

- maximum UV resistance  

-   maximum corrosion resistance

- ease of maintenance  

- ease of use


  • Stainless steel is 100% recyclable

  • Welding performed by inert argon gas, TIG method, 20-year guarantees guaranteeing government policy  investment for the future

  • No paint applied  : no maintenance, no degradation, minimization of pollution

  • Great repair possibilities

  • Environmentally neutral  : does not deteriorate and does not reject any component likely to pollute the environment

  • French made                                                                                                 

Numerous national references.  French technique.  10 year warranty  years.

  ENVINOX® *     : stainless steel manifold for  used oils , cans and filters

  SIVOX® *       :  large capacity waste oil container
  BATRINOX® *  :  used battery collector
  PILINOX® *     :  used battery column

* All our  Models are  filed with the INPI and WOPI, any copy is reprehensible before the competent courts. Any model not made by us exposes you to a poor quality copy.

  Products exhibited at the 2010 Boat Show in Paris,  SOUTH OF FRANCE stand

  POLLUTEC LYON and PARIS trade shows 1998 - 2000 - 2004 - 2006 - 2020

Waste oil tanks - Pollutec 2023
Cuve pour huiles usagées
Conteneur à huiles usagées
Conteneur pour batteries usagées - Secure outdoor storage for used batteries
Colonne d'extérieur pour piles usagées
JM Inox Technologie à Pollutec: huiles usagées, tri et collecte
Salon nautique , collecteurs inox huiles usagées pour les ports
Salon Americana-2007 - Aisi Process
Ports propres, cuves huiles usagées
Salon du Littoral
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