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Distributors of European stainless steel tanks, we bring you the best solutions for the  storage, vinification, fermentation, and brewing.  

We draw up your tank plans, as well as ISO plans for the layout of your equipment. We advise you until the final phase of your project: we can take care of the transport, the unloading, and their installation.

We study and manufacture retention tanks, footbridges,  and make the connections on your production site.

- Storage tanks with flat bottom, dust cover from 60 L

- Storage tanks with conical bottom from 03 HL to 300 HL

- Tanks with floating cap from 03 HL to 150 HL

- Tanks with 3 or 4 feet

- Vinification tanks from 15 HL to 500 HL

- Insulated tanks

- Horizontal tanks

- Tanks for transport

- Palletizable tanks

- Cooling and/or heating belts




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